Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Read, Write, Think

This morning at the College School we spent quite a bit of time looking at useful Read, Write, Think tools. This site is always being updated so regular visits will always yield some new, useful items.

Character Trading Cards -- 3rd and up
This would work for comparing two characters in a book. This could be used for capturing information about any character in a book and could be a way to capture insights that might not be identified in more traditional writing tasks.

Get the Reel Scoop: Comparing Books to Movies-- K - 8 max
Although this is listed for grades 3-5, the variety of worksheets and plans can be adapted to support classroom discussions or reports for grades K-8.

How Does My Garden Grow? Writing in Science Field Journals
-- K-2 recommended, could use up to 4th with adaptations
This lesson plan supports the traditional seed-growing activity by providing organizers for science journals. There are good links, including a video of a plant that did grow successfully.

Letter Generator -- 2 - 4
This interactive tool provides a scaffold for students to create letters online. Finished products can only be printed but there is a selection of different stationary. Students must finish the letter in one sitting.

Developing Reading Plans to Support Independent Reading
-- 4 -8 depending on scaffolding
This plan uses the online graphic map to help students and teachers develop reading plans to be used to helps kids choose new books by detecting patterns in what they have enjoyed in the past.

Word Sorts for Beginning and Struggling Readers -- pre- and early struggling readers
This plan includes a variety of on- and off-line activities including a Flash activity for reinforcing word attack skills.

Stapleless Book -- any grade

This tool was deemed NOT GOOD by the reviewers, especially for the early reader/writers who might find this most useful. Even though there are lots of templates to create the book, you can't insert your own pictures. It doesn't print the pictures so students have to deal with words before pictures making it less useful for young students.

There is a Stapleless Book Planning Sheet that might be helpful to use offline.

Notetaker - 2 - 8
This online tool helps kids organize ideas into a formal outline of 5 levels. Includes a tutorial and can be saved for further work by cutting and pasting from the preview or printed.

Guess What's in the Bag activity - K - 2
This lesson plan supports the development of descriptive vocabulary.

Poetry Resources from Read,Write, Think
Finally, here's a quick list of poetry resources.
Shape Poem -- limited because of the limited number of shapes 1-3
Diamante Poems - very good -- any age
Acrostic Poems -- good -- 3rd and up
Letter Poem -- weak -- don't bother with this one.


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