Friday, May 30, 2003

Children's Books Online: the Rosetta Project, Inc.

{Illustrated antique children's books} Children's book fans like me will be excited with this find. Read illustrated children's books in their original formats online or download the entire book for free. Go to the library and select a book to read, which pulls up the thumbnails page of the book. Click on the thumbnails to view the page or scroll to the bottom to download the entire book. There are books available in multiple languages. When I took children's literature in college, I did a project on Three Blind Mice, so I checked out the book. Looking at the online version was an experience, with its elaborate drawings that you rarely find in today's books. Don't let the site's annoyances put you off this valuable site. The butterflies get in the way of the links to the book, so keep trying to click on the book link to read the book. Meryl ran up the digital hill to fetch a computer. She fell down and broke her CPU and her monitor came tumbling after.

Source: Lockergnome

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

How Much Information

This study is an attempt to measure how much information is produced in the world each year. We look at several media and estimate yearly production, accumulated stock, rates of growth, and other variables of interest.